Part of team from Jian Feng Sling exhibit at OSEA 2012 in Singapore

Part of team from Jian Feng Sling exhibit at OSEA 2012 in Singapore

JIAN FENG is a lifting and rigging company with over 30 years of experience. Based in Guangzhou, China, Jian Feng has been a renowned manufacturer for lifting products such as wire rope slings, shackles, and synthetic slings. In the last ten years or so, Jian Feng has been serving the offshore industries by providing products for demanding heavy lift projects. In 2011, Jian Feng established its own Offshore Department to better serve the offshore O&G industry.

At OSEA2012, we had a conversation with Cheng Gu, Jian Feng’s Manufacturing Director, to check out what’s going on at the company.

LRW: What do you think about this exhibition (OSEA2012)?

Cheng Gu: OSEA has been an influential tradeshow for the O&G industry for many years. The show provides an excellent platform for us to meet our long term customers, and provides great opportunities for us to make new contacts. Since visitors and exhibitors in this show come from all over the world, through our interactions we can have a better understanding on how the industry is developing, and we can plan and provide products to meet customer demands.

LRW: What products do bring to the show?

Cheng Gu: We highlight products that are widely used in the offshore O&G industries. We are showing our Jian Feng branded products which include wide-bodied offshore shackles, offshore roundslings, fall-arrest harnesses, and offshore lifting sling set according to DNV2.7-1 standards.

Model of 1,000T heavy lift shackle made by Jian Feng Sling

LRW: What do you think about the lifting and rigging market in Singapore?

Cheng Gu: Singapore is the Asia Pacific hub for shipping and also a hub for service providers in the O&G industry. Many companies in the lifting & rigging sector are located in Singapore. The market is large here and we expect the market will be growing fast. Over the last few years, Jian Feng has been successfully entering the market in Singapore by working with local partners. Jian Feng products offer excellent values with the same high quality of many global brands.

LRW: Would please share with us any new plans at Jian Feng Sling?

Cheng Gu: With the number of offshore projects growing fast in China, the demand for lifting solutions for heavy lifting is large. Jian Feng is well positioned to supply products for these projects. Jian Feng follows closely with CNOOC’s “Second leap-over strategic plan”. And we are ready to provide lifting solutions to projects in areas such as South China Sea. Jian Feng works closely with CNOOC and we are a long-term lifting solutions provider for many of CNOOC’s engineering companies.


This article is published on LRW Magazine vol11, 2013.