ecs_16345_46RUD is a world-class manufacturer with almost 140 years’ experience in the industry. Its main development and production facility in Aalen/Germany, offers future-oriented solutions with chain systems and components for a wide range of applications. For hoisting, pulling, driving and conveying, RUD hoist chains, RUD lifting means and RUD conveyor systems are a guarantee of quality, innovation and safety. The RUD family of companies has an annual turnover of 170 million euros, and currently has over 1,500 employees working in production facilities, and sales offices located in over 120 countries worldwide. In “Tradition of Dynamic Innovation”, that is in the tradition of a modern and dynamically growing family organization, the RUD Group has officially been nominated as a Hidden Champion of the 21st Century because the company is in defined sectors worldwide leader in quality and technology.

20140324_Banner_anschlagmittel-vipHigh-quality chains and chain products

The RUD Company has been the leading manufacturing high-quality chains and chain products for more than 130 years. RUD Chain Inc, a subsidiary of RUD Ketten (German Headquarters), offers a variety of chain products and associated component, such as: tire protection chains, mining connectors, flight bar attachments, pocket wheels, spreader bars, rigging attachments, hoist rings, grade 100 sling chain systems, grade 120 ICE sling chain, hoist chains, conveyor chain, snow chains, shoe chains, traction chains, and automatic tire chains.

BBInnovation and strong brand image

For 140 years the RUD companies have acted as a think tank and created intelligent solution concepts with chains and components that remain true to the group-wide slogan “Tradition in Dynamic Innovation”. For 140 years these chain systems have connected different worlds and cultures, and the authentic and original RUD brand has connected all the members of the group as their guiding light. “We live our brand, it shapes our experiences, and we’re proud of that is”.

Over these many decades the RUD group has served not only its customers and partners, but also its own employees as a modern, dynamic and internationally successful family-owned company, by not only focusing on sales and results, but by growing continuously through new product innovations, new locations, new investments and new partners. This should remain the goal of the Group in the future as well. Yet the larger and more international RUD become, the more important it is that the RUD Group has a modern, impactful and memorable company image throughout the world across all cultures and markets. In a globalized world in which markets are moving closer together, becoming more closely networked and more transparent thanks to new means of communication, in an era of visual over-stimulation and complex imagery, RUD’s strategic focus on a powerful, targeted brand message offers RUD new paths to success.

全球分销Technological trendsetter

RUD is setting the newest technological standards. “We don’t imitate; we innovate. Our position as a leader in technological innovation has always been an essential part of our business strategy and our vision”. The company’s over 140 years of experience is unparalleled in the market.

All of RUD’s products have one thing in common: advanced technology. Technology is developed through numerous R&D partnerships with research institutions, universities, suppliers and customers. “It’s based on our expertise, our creativity and our tendency to never merely accept things as they are. We’re always curious and open to new ideas”.

As an innovative technological trendsetter, RUD succeed in establishing new technologies, new product features or even new standards (which later become generally accepted) for products and services in key industries and market segments.

At RUD, products and services set the company apart from the competition, and the company continues to provide customers with significant added benefits.

This article is published on LRW Magazine vol16, 2014.