The ICE Lashing Chain with patented Locking Coupling

Common tensioning elements may open unintentionally due to vibrations, resulting in a load secured in an insufficient way. Driving on will be dangerous to life. RUD shows how to overcome this weak point by using its ICE-120 lashing chains – at the same time saving up to 45% of weight.

During transport, unsecured chain tensioners may open unintentionally. However, there are only very few practical solutions offered by the manufacturers. Who even knows how to attach a safety chain in a correct way and takes the required time?

The RUD ratchet tensionier ICE-CURT (Chain Universal Ratchet Tensioner) has been equipped with a unique, patented lock coupling, a safety against unintentional loosening of the tensioner. A fix locking disk will simply be attached to the specially shaped ratchet case. Thanks to the strong permanent magnets the locking disk keeps its position and secures the ratchet in a reliable way without required additional time.

The ICE-120-lashing chain system is composed of lashing chains in quality class 12. Compared with the common quality class 8, ICE 120 has got an up to 60% increased Lashing Capacity LC (permissible pulling strength) – with same nominal size!

With direct lashing, an ICE lashing chain independent on its nominal size is able to replace a lashing chain of quality class 8 of the next bigger size; this means a weight reduction of up to 45%. A concrete example shows: a 13mm lashing chain can be replaced by a 10mm one.

The ICE-CURT is now also available in 6 and 16 mm. The lashing strength (LC – Lashing Capacity) of the 6mm variant impresses with 3.600 daN with only 6,5 kilos own weight – ideal for small machines. The 16mm variant with its impressive LC of 25.000 daN opens new fields of heavy load securing. By these additional elements, RUD completes its approved ICE-120 lashing chain program and offers, along with the relevant lashing points, a state-of-the art load securing in all weight classes – from Mini to Maxi.