Irene Lim, General Manager of Allseas Marine

Quick service, great relationship with suppliers, and treating customers and suppliers with integrity, are the three distinctive characteristics of Allseas Marine. In this highly competitive sector of ship supplying, Irene Lim, General Manager, uses her experience while provides exceptional good services, helps the company to expand while supplies and delivers worldwide.

Talking about the starting up of Allseas Marine, Irene tells us, “The worldwide economy was not good when the company started up in 2009. I was invited by a business partner to start up this company. Thanks to great support by our suppliers and customers, the company gradually establish itself. In the starting days I have to work in different roles: packaging, shipping, and also marketing. Now the company is running smoothly. Not many women work in this sector as it is quite a demanding job. I have been working in ship chandler and for ship owners before I started Allseas Marine, my experience helped a lot.”

Allseas Marine’s customers come from all over the world such as Holland, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, the UK, and USA. Irene remarks, “We have strong connections in markets such as Hong Kong. I have long term communications with several ship owners or ship management companies in Hong Kong. And they are long term customers of Allseas Marine since our establishment.”