Dipl.-Ing. Reinhard Smetz, Head of Sling and Lashing Systems, will call it quits after 42 years at RUD in Swabia.

The trained toolmaker / technical drawer and graduate mechanical engineer started his career in 1974 as a constructor of lifting means and played a decisive role in more than 80 patent applications. It was in his era that the noticeable pink 100 VIP-grade sling chains building set and the traffic purple 120 ICE-grade building set, which became benchmarks for many competitors, were introduced. More than 700 different safety sling points were designed in the past 35 years and have helped make daily lifting of loads across the world faster and safer.

Nördling-born Reinhard Smetz had also been responsible for domestic sales as well as export for 30 years. This resulted in 11 additional RUD sales and associated companies across Germany, in addition to the extensive network of dealers. A dealer and partner network across 60 countries was established in the export department, along with 29 RUD subsidiaries, adding a global revenue of more than € 100 million.

As a member of VDI (Association of German Engineers) and in the standards department, he was mainly responsible for putting together technical standards on modern load securing.

During the CeMAT trade fair, Smetz passed the torch to his successors Hermann Kolb in the form of newly developed lightweight plastic lifting beams.

The lifting means department’s books are filled with requests for future-oriented innovations, which is why Reinhard Smetz will remain available as Senior Engineer and offer his extensive experience.


The picture shows: from left – Managing Director Dr. Jörg Rieger, the departing Division Manager, General Manager Reinhard Smetz, handover to the new Division Manager, Hermann Kolb, Export International Sales Manager, Dipl.-Ing Axel Wiechmann, Sales Manager Jens Christiansen and representing the new position of Product Manager, B.Eng.,Technical Manager, Ingo Pautsch and the new Department Manager of Constructions, Dipl.-Ing. Michael Betzler.