K3 series chain blocks by TBM are characterized by a new external design and high lifting capacity. The main body’s strength and rigidity are enhanced by multi-channel stretching and new crimping processes, ensuring higher impact resistance and no deformation under loads.

The transmission shafts utilize simple beam structure, ensuring highly precise transmission of force while maintaining stability. The major transmission parts consist of anti-dust roller bearings complying to Chinese standards. These ensure smooth and efficient transmission with minimal deformation. Closed brakes offer high sensitivity, and are stable and anti-dust. With high maneuverability, the chain block allows high mechanical efficiency with reasonable input force.

  1. Left and right walls consist of precise anti-dust roller bearings, enhancing transmission precision and efficiency
  2. Grooved ratchet discs won’t fall away when disc brakes crack, and can maintain normal operation. The enlarged pawl surface area reduces wearing
  3. Wall transmission shafts consist of anti-dust roller bearings, ensuring smooth and efficient transmission
  4. Gear wheels are made of low carbon steel, processed using TBM’s own carburizing and quenching technology, ensure high strength and safety
  5. Lifting chain drive sprocket wheel connects to needle roller bearings, which reduces friction and increases precision
  6. Pawl pin are fixed using pressure-resistant riveting, which prevents getting loose, malfunctioning or falling away, thus enhances braking safety

TBM Hoist / Shuangniao Machinery has been focusing on manufacturing hoisting machinery for over 30 years. The company is currently serving as the vice-chair unit of the Hoist Association under China Heavy Machinery Industry Association. Being one of the largest hoist and lifting equipment manufacturers in China, the company offers well-known products under “TBM” or “Shuangniao” brands, which include Electric Hoist, Manual Hoist, Manual Trolley, Lifting Chain, and Lifting Clamp. Products are exported to N. America, Europe, Australia, SE Asia. For more info, please visit www.tbmhoist.com or call 400-826-4000 (in China).tbm3_%e5%89%af%e6%9c%ac