With the slogan “noticeably different…. By far better”, the Swabian chain specialists of RUD presents even six new products at the occasion of CeMAT in Hanover.

The market leader in the field of sling points again optimized the niche “safe suspension eyes” being essential for designers by six decisive improvements and novelties.

1) VLBG plus
RUD had been the inventor of the successful VIP series Eye Plate threaded and steadily improved it during the last 25 years. By the decisive patented development of the ICE bolt material, a quantum leap could now be realised with increasing the WLL, this means in grade 120 now also, resulting in a considerably increased loading capacity with sizes M8 to M30 in average by 45% (grade 120), maintaining the same thread diameter. The new distinctively different series VLBG-plus differs from the common variant in the writing “plus”, a forged octagon relief at the suspension bracket and the colour “purple”, at the same time serving as overheat indicator. It goes without saying that these increased values had been approved and released by the BG.rud1

Two years ago, the world premiere of the ICE-LBG with ball bearing was celebrated at CeMAT. This version, too, rotating under full overall load, has been increased in its WLL value by 45 % in average. These types of ICE-LBG-SR are urgently required where loads have to be turned, twisted and rotated. Without a ball bearing it cannot be avoided with such kinds of movements that the fastening bolt unintentionally opens. This type has to be preferably used by the designer since a rotating process can never be excluded during production, transport and assembly.rud2

3) Automatic-Center-Point
Originating from the States there is a sling point variant with rotating brackets, centrically supported in a rotating sleeve. The force introduction is thereby initiated by a fastening bolt supported centrally. This explains the often used name “Center-Point”. This popular sling point had never been added to RUD’s product portfolio since with a lateral loading it could never be avoided that the bracket does not adjust to its ideal position, but remains in its position. Everybody can imagine that the resulting big lever will cause extreme bending moments to the fastening bolt resulting in a premature failure. Thanks to the “trick with the knick”, a special shaped movement towards a curve, applied for patent, the bracket automatically adjusts itself positively to the load-optimal position in case of lateral loading. The automatic rotation to the optimal position explains the name “Automatic-Center-Point >ACP<”. In combination with the special ICE bolt, the WLL values could be increased by more than 50% compared to the types of same design at the same time avoiding the risk of kinking.rud3

4) B-ABA Lifting Point
For five years now, RUD has offered a weldable, rigid suspension eye with a WLL up to 31,5 t – the sling point ABA with overall loading. Similar to many other applications, the rigid version has got essential advantages compared to rotating sling points.
RUD now offers a nicely shaped bolting version fulfilling all conditions of an up-to-date suspension. Under the name B-ABA, the “B” stands for the English word of Bold, the die-forged sizes are offered from 1,6 to 31,5 t.
The relevant bolts 100% crack-detected also consist of the special ICE bolt material and are always by one bolt size thinner than a 8.8 one. The distinctive advantages for the four smaller bolt holes and the thread production are obvious.rud6
5) ICE-STAR-Line
For the lightest ICE sling chains of highest quality class 12 with a comprehensive Mecano system, RUD now offers as a NOVELTY crossbars and spreaders in absolute light design. Made of extruded, high-tensile plastic profiles glued with profile-stiffening composite parts, crossbars and spreaders will be offered up to 3m in length and 3t of WLL. These pink-coloured, “noticeably different” load accepting means are rust-proof, proof-loaded and tested with 2 million of cycles, 7fold breaking strength with operating temperatures from -40°C to +65°C.
By these auxiliary means, relevant loads can be lifted in a saving way and transported by one man only when carrying them along on a truck to the unloading point, at the same time saving spinal disk and fingers. The ICE sling chains in quality class 12 always one size smaller compared to quality class 8, are predestined in order to equip the light-design crossbars with the corresponding chains, hooks and suspensions, allowing an easy and uncomplicated handling. These are the lightest chain and crossbar combinations word-wide.rud5

It still has to be mentioned that all these novelties have been provided with robust and protected
RUD>ID<Points, i.e. with chips which clearly are identified by a reading device. The user benefits from the following advantages: inventory and transparency, documentation and filing of test results, repair information, etc.

Make use of the exhibition to inform yourselves of the novelties of the complete RUD>ID<SYSTEM. What is also new are another two improved reading devices, the attachment of transponders by the RUD>ID<LINK and the easy-to-use improvements of the RUD>ID<NET. Thanks to the use of this up-to-date administration- and information system – not only for operating- and working means subject to inspection – time and costs which often cannot be calculated can now considerably be reduced.id