The EX series Explosion Proof Chain Hoists are specifically designed to meet electrical standards required in hazardous or classified manufacturing and processing areas. The hoists are manufactured in accordance with Chinese explosion-proof standards of GB25286.1-2010 and GB25286.5-2010, with an explosion-proof mark of Ex cⅡ T4 Gb / Ex cⅠ Mb. These hoists are well suited to operate in potentially explosive environments such as Zones 1, Zones 2 and underground mining industry.

Corrosion Resistant Lever Hoists are manufactured with high quality stainless steel. Thanks to the Dacromet® coating and composite coatings, the hoists are corrosion-resistant while the mechanical properties are maintained. These hoists are designed in such a way that corrosion resistant properties are optimized for the different phases of manufacturing, installing and being in use. Moreover, the hoists feature strong resistance to impact and will not release any harmful substance to the environment, which translates to less maintenance and servicing costs. They are widely used in applications in chemical industry, underwater, offshore and power station, as they meet the requirements for safety use.


For more information, please visit the TBM company website at www.tbmhoist.com or call TBM hotline at 400-826-4000 in China.

TBM (Zhejiang Shuangniao Machinery Co., Ltd) is a private company specialized in the manufacture of small lifting machinery. The company is the executive member of the China Hoist Association under the China Heavy Machinery Industry Association. Established in the early 1980s, TBM has been producing electric hoist, manual hoist, chains, rigging hardware, lifting clamps etc. The products are sold in the Chinese market and are exported to North America, Europe, Australia, SE Asia, which amount to more than 100 countries. Products have been recognized and trusted by users and partners alike.