WP-6000, wire rope swaging machine in the world, built by Wirop Industrial Co., Ltd. (WIROP), has been delivered to the customer in Japan in May 2017.

The WP-6000 Swaging Machine has been installed and tested in Kobe, Japan, with a max. pressure capacity of 6,112 Metric Tons (6,737 US Tons). This is the largest swaging machine that has ever been built by WIROP. The special design for large-capacity force allows fast operation and easy access, facilitating more efficient swaging on larger slings.


On 19 May, 2017, Mr. Ben Chiu, CEO of Wirop Industrial Co, Ltd., attended the grand opening ceremony of the facility by invitation of the purchaser, which took place in Kobe, Japan. On the buyer’s grand opening ceremony, all attendee were amazed by the swaging machine and quality very much. Now equipped with WIROP’s 6,000T wire rope swaging machine, this new facility will surely provide innovative services for the wire rope and structural cable industry in the future.


With highly specialized technology and nearly 40 years’ experience in wire rope swaging industry, WIROP is manufacturing a complete range of wire rope processing equipment and related products such as Swaging Machines, Tensile Test Beds, Cutting & Annealing Machines, Ferrules & Flemish Eyes. Products are made with material of the highest quality to ensure exceptional reliability, meeting the demanding needs of various applications. WIROP products are widely distributed in more than 100 countries in the world. For more information, please visit www.wirop.com.tw.