The CCTV production team recently visited Shandong Shenli Rigging’s headquarters office and factory to record their daily operations. Now the edited film has been played on China’s social medias which include Youku, Letv, Tudou and Iqiyi. The video allows viewers to embrace the company’s advantages in the manufacture of safe lifting components. Viewers have a chance to look into the company’s R&D, corporate culture, innovation, brand development and humanity care.

CCTV’s “Attitude” TV show targets to help selected Chinese small and medium enterprises to promote their brands in China via the production of short videos of 5-minute and 2-minute. The 5-minute video will be played on Chinese social medias, while the 2- minute video will be played on CCTV 7.

Shandong Shenli Rigging Co., Ltd is a Chinese high-tech enterprise specialized in the modern production of G80 & G100 medium and high grade rigging hardware. The company’s products comprised of thousands of varieties, among which are G80 connecting links, safety hooks, shortening clutches, swivel hoist rings, master links and shackles. The products are widely used in aerospace, mining, O&G offshore, chemical, ports, and metallurgical industries.

With advanced equipment for forging, testing and controlling, such as heavy duty forging hammer, friction press, test bed, micro control electro-hydraulic fatigue testing machine, the company’s products are durable for usages in high temperature (up to 350℃) and low temperature (up to -70℃) environments. The products are fatigue tested for 20,000 cycles while rated to 1.5 times WLL.

Mr. DU Ya-Zhong, Shandong Shenli Rigging’s Chairman, is awarded as one of Shandong Province’s outstanding entrepreneurs. He thinks it is his duty to do three things: The first thing is to provide jobs for his staffs. Secondly, the company targets to reduce pollution and emissions, so as to promote green production. Last but not least, to fight poverty by investing in education in China. Mr. Du said the company is aiming to be the world’s innovation and development base for the manufacture of G80 & G100 chain components. Meanwhile, the company is promoting the brand names of “SLR” and “Shenli Rigging” around the world.