An omnidirectional AGV superfine designed for all types of surroundings that can lift and carry up to 1.000kg.

Kivnon, spanish automated guided vehicle manufacturer, has developed a new and completely different AGV that entails a revolution in the Industry 4.0. This automated guided vehicle, named K41 Slim, combines a 1.000kg lifting capacity with an omnidirectional movement. In this way, it reduces operations working always with a 360º perimeter security. Additionally, Kivnon’s K41 Slim is even more efficient and endowed with more autonomy due to the lithium batteries it has equipped.

Height is also one of its singularities since its lower than 210mm, which makes it a extremely flexible AGV and ready to operate in all kinds of environments.

Regarding the circulation of the AGV, Kivnon has also known how to differentiate itself implementing a free navigation, that is, without any elements on the surface. This technique, based on SLAM technology and named mapping, allows the K41 Slim to build a map of the place where it is located and, at the same time, use that map to determine its own location in an unknown scenery and environment in real time.

K41 Slim is in line with the friendly innovation concept that Kivnon has always implemented to all their products, introducing movement and simplicity in processes so complex such as the industrial ones.

All these features in one AGV make the K41 Slim a unique product on the market. In this way, Kivnon continues with its commitment to innovation to offer solutions that set trends in the Industry 4.0.

This new autonomous vehicle, that as confirmed by Kivnon is just the beginning of a family, will be exhibited for first time from the 19th to the 21st of February at LogiMAT, Stuttgart, one of the leading trade shows in the World for the logistics field.

About Kivnon

Kivnon designs, develops, manufactures, and distributes Auto Guided Vehicles (AGV´s) and systems in order to improve the productivity of internal logistics of its customers. Kivnon which has 10 years of experience in AGV production is committed to global excellence with a complete range of AGV´s and related products to support its customers in the current transformation in the world of manufacturing (Industry 4.0). www.kivnon.comBesides the head office in Barcelona, Kivnon also has offices in Valladolid, Zaragoza, Vitoria and Frankfurt.