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transport logistic China and LogiMAT China to join forces from 2019 in Shanghai

“Do not look at LogiMAT from a very commercial perspective. The purpose is not to help you get business immediately, but to let logistics companies and equipment suppliers work together to find solutions for the future”, said by Peter Kazander, founder of Logistics Exhibitions GmbH and managing director of EUROEXPO GmbH.

However, due to the limitations of time and space, many Chinese visitors cannot come to the exhibition. They can only glance around the exhibition through photos or videos sent by the media or friends to establish their own understanding of German exhibitions. This may cause them to misunderstand that the European logistics industry is very small.

LogiMAT 2019 occupied the entire Messe Stuttgart convention center for the first time

Obviously, it is not the case. More than 1,600 companies exhibit in Germany, while most of them do not come to China but focus on the European market. They are already very busy with selecting projects for business. “As every detail is innovative and inspiring, you can spend all time of the three days at this German logistics exhibition to look around, just like a thousand toasts are too few for a congenial friend”, said by Song Wei, senior researcher in the field of domestic logistics equipment, former general manager of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in China and general manager of Shanghai Paliot. Therefore, he visits LogiMAT with great eagerness every time. The internal technologies of LogiMAT cannot be simply revealed by photos and videos.

“You will find out what innovation is in LogiMAT, and those technologies are innovations in the deep mind”, said by Xia Huiling, general manager of A.I.C Systems from Zhejiang. It would be the first time that A.I.C Systems exhibit in LogiMAT and have a chance to communicate with the CEOs of several European large companies face to face. After the exhibition, representatives from A.I.C Systems are invited for various business exchanges. European companies have roots for inheritance and many family-owned companies are deeply rooted in the industry with steady development.


The global logistics equipment exhibitions are divided into four parts by location, Germany, China, the United States and Japan, which have become the world’s logistics equipment exhibition countries. CeMAT in Hannover and LogiMAT in Stuttgart have come to China and constructed as the two major logistics exhibitions in the Chinese market.

LogiMAT is the leading exhibition brand in the global logistics industry. It is also the largest annual event of the European logistics industry, and has become the leader of logistics technologies in Europe and the world. LogiMAT has been successfully held in Germany for 17 times. The one that just ended in February in Germany, exhibited for three days with a total exhibition area of 120,000 square meters to provide the largest display of new technologies for the logistics industry in the world.

LogiMAT is the home of hi-tech logistics to perfectly show advanced logistics equipment solutions from Europe and the world. Compared with the purpose of exhibiting products in CeMAT, some Chinese companies have not fully realized the forward-looking effects of problem-solving capabilities shown in LogiMAT. At the LogiMAT exhibition, where the world’s hi-tech logistics technologies are gathered, 60 Chinese companies come to exhibit. However, only BYD, Geek+, Hikvision, ALSCO, Damon, A.I.C Systems, EP Equipment, GOODSENSE Forklift, Ruyi Forklift and a few more technology companies exhibit, while other enterprises just display products like castors, packaging materials and machining equipments.

“Chinese companies may have gradually realized the influencing power of LogiMAT in the logistics technologies, which led to an increase in the number of Chinese visitors to Germany in recent years to learn more advanced technologies. However, the demonstration of products with international leading technologies may be not enough, thus the number of Chinese exhibitors is less than 70”, said by Mr. Yan from Kushan MIAS to analyze the reasons for the low participation of Chinese companies in LogiMAT.

The week before the German exhibition, Peter Kazander, managing director of LogiMAT in Stuttgart, came to China and visited key enterprises. The trip was to promote the German logistics exhibitions and the upcoming exhibition of LogiMAT China 2019 in Shanghai in April. Peter Kazander repeatedly stressed that the different positioning of the two major logistics exhibitions, LogiMAT and CeMAT, has made both of them become more and more influential.

In Europe, the annual LogiMAT exhibition is a most important stage for enterprises managements, technological R&D staff, entrepreneurs and customers to make themselves acquainted with global logistics technologies. Exhibition stands are built not to attract clients, but to showcase the up-to-date solutions and cutting-edge research achievements of different enterprises. Users of logistics solutions, along with supporting businesses should pay a visit to the exhibition and have a look at the demonstration of these forward-thinking and technology oriented logistics solutions.

LogiMAT started in Nanjing, China, four years ago. Germans believed that the attraction of a forum integrating a technology exhibition and top European logistics experts would mean instant success. Fraunhofer IML and German Industry 4.0 logistics experts came to participate in the exhibition, as a sign of support for China’s LogiMAT. For many foreigners, Nanjing is a city where a large number of German enterprises such as Siemens, BSH and BASF gather and should be the cluster of German logistics industry. However, Germans clearly didn’t take the herd mentality into consideration and it turned out that Nanjing was not a city with a well-developed exhibition industry and was not able to carry out an international exhibition like that. Therefore, the Nanjing LogiMAT started off on a high note but tapered off without attracting much industry attention. What has helped maintain an optimistic view on opportunities in China among the Germans is the strong interest displayed by Chinese in European logistics technologies. Large groups of Chinese enterprises and tech researchers and developers show up at the German fair every year.

From April 15 to 17, 2019, Shanghai, endowed with the advantage of the largest logistics market and biggest number of logistics talents, will see exhibition companies from Stuttgart and Munich of Germany join force to host LogiMAT and TLC Asian Logistics Biennale at the same time, at Shanghai New International Expo Center. LogiMAT’s will showcase logistics technologies while the logistics Biennale will attract customers of airfreight services, and logistics and courier services. The co-hosting of the two exhibitions means a combination of technologies and customers, gathering at one venue, complementing each other in a perfect union.

In terms of capability to provide solutions and play a forward-thinking role, LogiMAT is different to CeMAT which demonstrates the strengths of exhibiting companies to potential customers. LogiMAT exhibits more soft power of logistics enterprises and logistics equipment enterprises in providing solutions. At the German LogiMAT exhibition, many leading technologies have emerged.

China’s e-commerce and logistics industries have experienced rapid development and the transition in recent year from the preliminary labor-intensive stage with a large accumulation of websites, to an era of technology-focused logistics. Logistics technologies have entered an unprecedented golden era. Gong Zhonglang, a well-known domestic logistics investor said that currently, e-commerce enterprises in China are logistics enterprises disguised as e-commerce enterprises and logistics enterprises in China are tech companies disguised as logistics companies. Clearly, it will be difficult for logistics companies to break through the developmental bottleneck without technological development.

More outstanding enterprises will participate in the Chinese exhibition

2019 is a key year for LogiMAT to up its game in China. Royal customers including Jungheinrich, Crown and Kardex will come to show their support for LogiMAT China. Many enterprises will participate with their latest products and solutions that have never been showcased before in Asia.

Endless emergence of new media has changed the way the exhibition used to be. Different to new media, which is fragmented, an exhibition is a stage to systematically showcase the products and strengths of different enterprises. Exhibition economy is returning to its inherent value more and more evidently. LogiMAT is consistent in its style in that it gathers a large number of big names. Combinations of many world-class professional forums, live broadcasting and new media marketing emerge while the exhibition showcases products and solutions. The organizer intends to establish LogiMAT as the new focus to demonstrate China’s logistics technologies.

The main forum has invited Fraunhofer IML of Germany, Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply of the Great Britain, “Hoisting and Conveying Machinery” magazine and the Association of Supply Chain and Operations Management to jointly host the forum, which will be carried out around the topic of “Industry 4.0 Meeting up with Made in China 2025: discussion on smart solutions for in-house logistics”. The sub-forum will work with the Household Division of China Association of Warehousing and Distribution, “Logistics and Material Handling “magazine, 56products.com, GreenLink, China Association of Pharmaceutical Commerce, and Beverf to share discussions on logistics solutions in real production and operations in six industries including the household industry, the shoes and apparel industry, the automobile industry, the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the e-commerce industry. Speaking guests include academic authority figures and theory pioneers in the field of logistics in China and Germany (Fraunhofer IML, Technical University of Munich and KIT), and also industry leaders from companies in logistics production and logistics application including JD, Lenovo, China Mobile, Roland Berger, Volvo, Wyeth, General Mills, Starbucks, Red Star Macalline, SOUFEIYA, Kuka Home, Oppein, ecco, Yinger, Anta Sports, GRI, Jointown Pharmaceutical, Hive Box, and Secoo.

It’s worth mentioning that this renowned international exhibition is also providing an opportunity for small enterprises to showcase their high quality products. “One Product for each Enterprise “is a special area set aside by the exhibition to showcase “innovative products in China’s forklift industry”, which will gather unique products from a dozen of companies to compete against each other.

Importance of Outlook

“Intelligence, efficiency and innovation“ is the annual theme of the 2019’s series of LogiMAT exhibitions. This theme was fully demonstrated in the German exhibition which just ended recently. The imminent Chinese exhibition will stick to this theme.

  • If you are an owner of an enterprise, you need to visit LogiMAT China to get hold of cutting-edge technologies in order to determine your future direction of development.
  • If you are a R&D personnel, you need to visit LogiMAT China to look for technological aspiration and outlook, in order to determine the future product framework.
  • If you are a manufacturer, you need to visit LogiMAT China to find partners on the industry chain and the right coopetition model.
  • If you are a customer, you need to visit LogiMAT China to find your partners in technological upgrade.

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