Last year, Van Beest announced that the Excel® brand would merge into Green Pin® in order to create one big premium brand for all below-the-hook fittings. Early this year, the group announce the following:

  1. The first production batches with products with the new Green Pin® markings from the production facility in France are now in stock. This is the start of a transition period that will take a few years.
  2. The color of grade 8 former Excel® products will change to white under the Green Pin® brand. These products were previously yellow or red. Grade 10 products will remain blue; the same as before. The color white for the grade 8 Green Pin® chain fittings was chosen because it is a unique color and is in many situations a highly visible color.

Changed product names and article codes

As a result of the brand change, the product names and article codes change as well. Please visit: for a full list of the old and new product names of the current product range, plus an explanation of the abbreviations used. During the transition period, all Excel® branded items will keep their current names until the stock has been completely replaced by new, Green Pin® branded versions. In addition to new product names, we will also be giving ‘new’ Green Pin® chain accessories new article codes.

Through both the name and article code customers will thus be able to differentiate between the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ products. The products that customers will actually get supplied (either Excel® or Green Pin®) will always determine which article code and product name showed on quotes, invoices, packing lists and certificates.