CeMAT ASIA the international trade fair for logistics equipment show with large scale and influence in Asia, will be grandly held in Shanghai New International Expo Centre on 23-26 October 2019. The show sets 10 thematic exhibition areas covering various fields such as system integration and solutions, AGV, forklift and accessories, conveying and sorting equipment, logistics robots, AUTO-ID, machine vision, packaging equipment, lifting equipment and accessories, and industry 4.0, with a total display area of over 85,000 sqm. More than 800 domestic and overseas well-known enterprises will bring their latest technologies and solutions to jointly create an international annual feast for the logistics industry. It is expected that the total number of trade visitors to the eight shows held at the same time will exceed 120,000.

Presenting Wonderful Activities to Celebrate CeMAT ASIA’s 20th Anniversary

In 2019, CeMAT ASIA will celebrate its 20th anniversary. Since 2000, the scale of CeMAT ASIA has continuously developed and expanded. From the first show with fewer than 100 exhibitors, it has now become one of the largest logistics equipment shows in Asia. The course along the way is also a miniature of the development of China’s logistics equipment industry. The celebration of the 20th anniversary is also a milestone in the development of China’s logistics equipment industry.

He Liming, President of China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing (CFLP) noted, “In the past two decades, CeMAT ASIA has seen the booming development of China’s logistics industry.”. He expressed that the cooperation between CFLP and Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai has promoted the continuous expansion of the exhibition scale and the increasing international influence, making important contributions to the development of China’s and even the world’s logistics industry.

“Logistics equipment is a basic, strategic and leading industry that supports the development of the national economy. CeMAT ASIA can not only extensively enhance the direct communications between logistics enterprises and customers, but also inspire innovation in the market competition. Exhibits can not only reduce costs and increase efficiency for customers, but also provide customers with better solutions that are more in line with the trend of the times by means of intellectualization and environmentally-friendly concepts.” said Li Peigen, President of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (CMES). During the period of cooperation between the two sides, CMES and Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai shared wisdom and suggestions for the development and growth of CeMAT ASIA, and jointly composed China Logistics Warehousing Equipment Industry Development Report(Blue Book)and organized a series of activities.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary, the organizer has carefully planned various exciting activities during the same period, including: the 1st Intelligent Logistics Development Forum jointly launched by Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai and CMES to build a platform for cross-discipline exchanges among scientific and technological enterprises and promote the in-depth integration and coordinated development of technology and industry. It also works in tandem with industry media to jointly launch 6 special issues for the 20th anniversary of CeMAT ASIA, inviting well-known enterprises to be interviewed, and talking about the industry’s ups and downs over the past 20 years. In addition, there are a series of customized gifts and the latest online platform to send sincere wishes to the 20th anniversary of the CeMAT ASIA.

Star Brands Supporting Smart Logistics

With the arrival of the era of “Internet +” and artificial intelligence, smart logistics integrating big data, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things has sped up and become the main direction of modern logistics development. In 2018, China’s smart logistics market grew by more than RMB 400 billion to RMB 407 billion, up 20.4% year on year. It is estimated that the scale of China’s smart logistics market will exceed RMB 500 billion by 2020, and RMB 1 trillion by 2025. Under the guidance of the intelligent system, the logistics industry is facing greater development opportunities, while attracting increasing attention from industry experts. As a bellwether of the logistics industry, CeMAT ASIA 2019 will continue to lead the development trend of logistics intelligence and shore up the transformation and upgrading of logistics industry. As the core strength of the logistics equipment industry, system integrators have always been a highlight of CeMAT ASIA. In Halls W1 and W2, the world’s leading giant integrators such as SSI Schaefer, Swisslog, TGW, Honeywell, SFA, Fives, BMHRI, RIAMB, KSEC, VSTRONG, BlueSword, Zhongding Integration, Anji Logistics, Wayz, HoJin, Automotive Engineering Corporation, HUAZH, Goldpeak, Savoye, Intralox will give advice to the vast number of buyers and solve various pain points and difficulties in production on site again. It is worth mentioning that Kion Group will debut at the largest exhibition booth in the history of CeMAT ASIA with its three major brands of Dematic, Linde, Baoli and will have a carnival-like interaction with the visitors.

As the cross-discipline upsurge is rising, conventional robot manufacturing enterprises are tapping into the logistics industry greatly, helping promote the accelerated development of intelligent logistics. Robot giants such as ABB, FANUC, Siasun will all appear at this show. Leading enterprises in new logistics robots, such as Geek+, Quicktron, HIK, Malu Innovation, Iplus, Seer Robotics, Guozi will also demonstrate their solutions to diversified scenarios and high-pressure peak demand. In addition, conventional AGV giants such as Lingong Intelligent, Comwin, Jingyuan, Huiju Automation, I-Cow, AGV Robot will attend the show in Halls W3 and W4, bringing a new technological revolution and leading the new trend of AGV industry.

As the foundation of the logistics industry and one of the indispensable parts of CeMAT ASIA, famous enterprises such as Hangcha, BYD, RUYI, TVH, Cascade China, Kaup-East, Changxing Tianneng, Yufeng Intelligent, Santroll will continue to present the latest achievements of technological innovation to the audience in the forklift themed hall——Hall W5 this year.

Joining Hands with E-Commerce Giants to Enable a New Cooperation Model

The rapid development of e-commerce industry has brought huge demand for logistics, transportation and distribution. E-commerce, however, accounts for more than 60% of China’s express delivery volume, making it a major force in promoting the development of China’s express delivery business. At CeMAT ASIA, major e-commerce brands have always shown high enthusiasm and started close cooperation with the logistics industry as cross-discipline partners. On CeMAT ASIA 2019, JD Logistics will create a new mode of combining scene display, brand promotion speech, joint theme exhibition area display and online and offline activities cooperation and create a new and intelligent logistics cutting-edge service experience area in Hall W2 and Hall N2.

CeMAT ASIA Innovation Salon Bringing New Tide to the Industry

CeMAT ASIA Innovation Salon has always been the benchmark product of CeMAT ASIA. CeMAT ASIA Innovation Salon this year will, as always, be user-oriented, forward-looking and professional, lead the direction of the logistics industry, promote exchanges among industry personnel and drive the development of logistics enterprises. At present, concepts such as “Industry 4.0” and “Made in China 2025” have gone through a period from birth to blossom. The logistics industry should also keep up with the pace. CeMAT ASIA Innovation Salon will take “smart logistics” as its theme and work with salon members to jointly push the logistics industry forward under the goal of intelligence. The themes of the Innovation Salon cover hot topics such as the global market and the new future, fresh cold chain, home logistics, intelligent manufacturing, and auto parts. There are also wonderful activities such as guest interviews, round-table discussions, live broadcast, communication and interaction, and creative activities.

In addition, CeMAT ASIA 2019 will bring together the line-up partners in history and hold a number of concurrent activities and forums to discuss in depth the technological, market and conceptual development of logistics-related industries. The themes of the forum cover cold chain, intelligent storage robots, selection of technical equipment, innovation of cross-discipline service mode, future urban distribution, and food logistics automation, and provides insight into the opportunities and challenges of the logistics industry from a unique in-depth perspective. During the same period, there will also be world-class conference such as World Materials Handling Alliance (WMHA) Meeting, Sino-Japanese Logistics Technology Exchange Conference and Intelligent Manufacturing Competition 2019.        

Grand Packaging Show of Italian Brands

With the rapid development of e-commerce in recent years, the number of e-commerce logistics packages has seen explosive growth. How to avoid excessive packaging, difficulty in recycling, and disclosure of customer information have become in-depth issues in the industry. At the same time, these issues also create opportunities for the market to improve packaging technology and transportation efficiency. Gary Liu, managing director of Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai said, “At our Italian headquarters, we hold IPACK-IMA, the second largest processing and packaging technology exhibition in Europe. Judging from the current rapid growth of e-commerce in China on a scale of billions, however, the market strongly calls for e-commerce packaging to be improved so as to promote transactions and improve consumer experience.” From 2019 onwards, the E-pack Tech Asia, a sub-exhibition of IPACK-IMA, a brand packaging exhibition from Italy, will officially open and be held concurrently with CeMAT ASIA. E-pack Tech Asia will gather in the lineup of famous exhibitors such as Italian exhibition delegation, exhibition delegation of China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing, exhibition delegation of logistics packaging, and JD Logistics to discuss hot topics around the industry and invite well-known enterprises such as Infinitus and JD to make wonderful presentations and demonstrate innovations. It will bring visitors cutting-edge technologies from Apennine Peninsula and even the whole world, and also inject fresh blood into the CeMAT ASIA that has been going on for 20 years.

Twenty years of development is not an end but a beginning! CeMAT ASIA 2019 will create an unprecedented annual event of high quality and high specifications for exhibitors, visitors, media, and all participants. The exhibition is jointly sponsored by China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing, China Mechanical Engineering Society, Deutsche Messe AG and Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd. PCT ASIA, ComVac ASIA, E-Pack Tech, Apex Asia, ISA Asia, Heavy Machinery Asia, and Cold Chain Asia will be held concurrently.


CeMAT ASIA 2019 at a glance

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23-25 Oct 2019, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
26 Oct 2019, 9:00 am to 2:00 pm
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