Shandong Shenli Rigging Co., Ltd. recently is recognized as “Shandong Province’s Advanced Enterprise for Equipment Manufacturing”. The company’s General Manager, Mr. DU Da-Ping, is recognized as “Outstanding Entrepreneur”, and their Head of Technology Innovation Department, Mr. ZHANG Ti-Xue, is recognized as “Outstanding Engineer”.

The awards are granted when the Shandong Province’s Equipment Manufacturing Technology Innovation Awards Ceremony is held on 03-04 January 2021. This event is organized by China’s Shandong Province Equipment Manufacturing Association and supported by Department of Industry and Information Technology of Shandong Province, Department of Science & Technology of Shandong Province, and China Machinery Industry Federation.

It’s great honor for Shandong Shenli Rigging to achieve this kind of recognition. The company has a team of experienced and talented engineers and executives, making it capable for in-house innovation and continuing development. What’s more, having good reputation enables Shandong Shenli Rigging enhancing their comprehensive competitive in the lifting and rigging and beyond industries.

Moreover, Shandong Shenli Rigging’s brand new innovation “Mechanical processing technology of double-ear wedge clamp’s cover for railway electrification system” has won third prize at (Shandong Province) Jining City’s workers’ outstanding technological innovation program. And Shandong Shenli Rigging listed as the city’s outstanding innovation enterprise, as the entire company contribute themselves on technology innovation.