The Green Pin® ROV Hook E is a grade 8 eye hook developed for release sub-sea operations with a remotely operated vehicle (ROV). Attached to the body and latch of the hook is a wire rope which can be grabbed with an ROV arm. This enables the ROV operator to easily manipulate the latch and thereby to swiftly open and close the hook. The shape and dimensions of the hook are similar to the Green Pin® Sling Hook, which means that all standard Green Pin® connectors can be used to connect to the lifting chain or -wire. The design of the hook and the smooth powder coated finish reduces wear on lifting slings. The ROV eye hook is also equipped with a forged safety latch, which is fitted with a stainless steel spring and a sturdy pin. The notch in the tip of the hook keeps the latch in place, which guarantees full safety. What’s more, the white coating of the Green Pin® ROV Eye Hook optimizes visibility under water and ensures its long-term durability. The ROV hook is available in a range with a working load limit from 8.2 up to 15.5 tons.

Product highlights:

  • Easy operation of latch with ROV arm due to attached wire
  • White coating optimizes visibility under water
  • No protruding parts so does not get caught
  • Can easily be used with standard Green Pin® connectors
  • Superior stock availability of 99%

Product details:

  • Product code: CSOROV
  • Material: alloy steel, Grade 8, quenched and tempered
  • Safety factor: MBL equals 4 x WLL
  • Finish: painted white
  • range: -40°C up to +200°C
  • Certification: 2.1, 2.2, 3.1, MPIb

For more information and specifications, please go to and check out the product page.