If ever durable products were required, it is probably most visible in the fishing and aquaculture industries. Equipment is constantly exposed to water, salt and different temperatures. For aquaculture cages need to be secured under water reliably for longer periods of time to safeguard large investments. Your underwater cages and mooring systems therefore need shackles, bolts and other mooring accessories that are below surface, but above standard. That is why the Green Pin® aquaculture shackles and bolts are the top choice for fish farmers.

As Green Pin® has launched the Green Pin® Dee Shackle NS9415 FP and Green Pin® Mooring Bolt NS9415 T recently, the aquaculture range is now extended with three new products that make the range complete: the Green Pin® Mooring Shackle, HDG Bow Shackle and HDG Master Links. The products within the new Green Pin® aquaculture range have been designed, extensively fatigue-tested and DNV type approved by the NS 9415 standard as required by NYTEK regulation. Galvanization of Green Pin® lifting accessories assures long-term durability, even under harsh, salty conditions.

– The Green Pin® Mooring Bow Shackle NS9415 BN with safety bolt and a sunken bolt head for mooring applications.

– The Green Pin® Dee Shackle NS9415 FP features a double safety (bolt and plug) and is suitable for one leg mooring.

– The Green Pin® hot dipped galvanized bow shackle with double safety (split pin and safety bolt).

– The Green Pin® hot dipped galvanised grade 8 master link, with large opening.

– The Green Pin® Mooring T Bolt provides best-in-class quality, guaranteeing absolute security for your mooring system.

– The Green Pin® Fishing Bow Shackle with Flush Pin (also as Dee Shackle) has a sunken hole pin-head to prevent nets from getting caught.

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