In March 2015, Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs invites CNFI, ROCCOC, Taiwan Association of Small & Medium Enterprises, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Labor, etc, to attend the third meeting of “Taiwan Mittelstand Enterprises’ Development Working Group”. 12 companies are awarded the 3rd Taiwan Mittelstand Awards. YOKE Industrial Corp. is one of  winners.

14左-YOKE新闻加相: 振锋洪荣德董事长 Steven Hong, YOKE's Chairman

Steven Hong, YOKE’s Chairman

Taiwan Mittelstand Awards is part of the “Mittelstand Enterprises’ Development Plan”, which is initiated by Taiwan Executive Yuan on 8, October 2012. These awards are set up to encourage local small and medium enterprises that have solid fundamental skills and offer unique products in a specific field. They are highly competitive internationally while also holding leading manufacturing or business positions in the Taiwan market. More small and medium enterprises are expected to follow in the footsteps of the award winners and become dominant players in their respective fields.

The 3rd Taiwan Mittelstand Award is open for applications from June 2014. 162 companies in Taiwan submit their application forms. 81 companies goes through to the second stage in the award processes. After that, 64 companies are selected as potential Mittelstand enterprises, and then, 12 companies become final winners.

14左-YOKE新闻加相: 振锋制造之开口滑车及油田用滑轮 YOKE Snatch Blocks and Oilfield Sheaves

YOKE Snatch Blocks and Oilfield Sheaves

As a world renowned manufacturer of industrial safe lifting components, YOKE has been achieving consistent  growth in international sales. At one stage YOKE’s production could not meet customer demands. To cope with this and better serve customers’ needs, in 2014, being supported by the Taiwan’s Corporate Synergy Development Center (CSD), YOKE and seven contractor factories team up and formed the “YOKE-Team”. The CSD supports YOKE and seven contractor factories to implement Lean Manufacturing and better synchronizie the overall supply chain (from order to delivery). YOKE’s product quality and delivery time are expected to improve by 23%. The market share in Taiwan for their N series products is expected to grow from 43% to 65%. YOKE’s turnover will be increased by 44%. YOKE’s successful growth will greatly strengthen the competitiveness of Taiwan enterprises in the global lifting hooks market.

Aimed at serving the worldwide niche market, YOKE specializes in manufacturing G80 and G100 lifting components and components for fall protection applications. Products are widely used in many lifting applications in different industries. In particular, YOKE products are used in offshore industries and for lifting modules in automotive manufacturing.

This article is published on LRW Magazine vol20, 2015.