LogiMAT China 2024, the International show for Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management, concluded successfully in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian Venue).

The theme of “Shaping Change Together” was the focus of LogiMAT China 2024, emphasizing on material handling, warehousing automation, smart factories and logistics solutions. The show area covered 10,000 square meters and brought together 89 well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers and service providers of internal logistics solutions and process management. The 3-day show attracted a total of 7,396 person-time of professional visitors and buyers. Among them, overseas visitors accounted for 10%, from 31 countries and regions such as Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and Russia. In addition to the show itself, the organizers also held various professional forums, business negotiations, social dinners, factory visits in order to build a professional technology exchange platform based on innovation for the industry.

Based in Shenzhen, Radiation in Asia

LogiMAT China moved to Shenzhen for the first time, actively responding to the Shenzhen Municipal government’s call to enhance the “20+8” industrial cluster system to accelerate the development of new quality manufacturing, further develop and strengthen strategic emerging industrial clusters and cultivate and develop future industries, and provided related enterprises with new solutions for Intralogistics and process management. In summary, Logimat Shenzhen helps enterprises to achieve cost reduction and efficiency, technological innovation and intelligent transformation.

Well-known exhibitors from home and abroad showcasing new products and solutions in intralogistics
LogiMAT China 2024 brings together well-known domestic and foreign enterprises in the fields of material handling system integrated solution suppliers, automation and robotics, conveying and sorting, material handling equipment, warehousing automation, etc., focusing on “Sustainability-Al-Ergonomics “,the new technologies, new solutions and new trends of intralogistics and process management industry.

At the show, renowned domestic and international providers of comprehensive intralogistics solutions such as KNAPP, VAHLE, BLUESWORD, YUFENG INTELLIGENT, KENGIC, SYRIUS, NTI, and TIANWO SHUANGLI showcased their innovative warehousing logistics and material handling automation solutions. Additionally, leading robot brands including HAI ROBOTICS, JATEN ROBOT, UNIVERSAL ROBOTS, AITEN INTELLIGENT presented their latest application cases. Well-known forklift truck manufacturers like NOBLELIFT, BYD Forklift, BANYITONG, RUYI, UN Forklift, CHOLIFT Forklift and other well-known accessories such as FAAM, WEIDE, ENEROC also exhibited their sustainable and digitally intelligent products alongside conveying and sorting technology demonstrations by brands such as GINFON and STAXX.

A number of high-quality industry forums, brainstorming exchange and exploration
The concurrent activities of LogiMAT China 2024 are also very exciting, focusing on the theme of “Shaping Change Together” and following the hot pain points of the industry.
The LogiMAT China 2024 main forum was moderated by LogiMAT Global Series Consultant Peter Kazander. Vice Chairman of Logistics Engineering Institution, Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (CMES)、Professor of College of Mechanical Engineering, Tongji University,Qiu Fusheng, Committee Member of Thai Intralogistics Association, Sakda SARAPATWITTAYA, Former President of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Machinery,Xitian SUN, and Secretary General of Shenzhen Robotics Association, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Yalei Bi, respectively brought ” The Development Opportunities of Chinese Intralogistics Cooperation from a Global Market Aspect”, ” The Opportunities and Challenges in Southeast Asia Markets”, “Tide to the East – Future Manufacturing Opportunities” and ” The Automation Upgrading Trends of Manufacturing Industries in Greater Bay Area” to the scene.

The LogiMAT China 2024 main forum was moderated by LogiMAT Global Series Consultant Peter Kazander

“The Globalization of Supply Chain Innovation Forum” was hosted by Kevin LlU, Marketing Strategy Consulting of Logistics Robotics, and the heads of CIMC Tianda, FAAM and GINFON Logistics jointly attended and delivered a speech, sharing the concept and practice of global supply chain innovation, promoting technical exchanges and promoting industry progress and global cooperation with an international perspective.

The Sino-Euro Logistics Robot Technology Exchange Seminar jointly held with Shenzhen Robotics Association was chaired by Weijia TAN, Vice Secretary General of Shenzhen Robotics Association, and the leaders of many member units such as Hai Robotics, NTI, KNAPP attended. Bi Yalei, Secretary General of Shenzhen Robotics Association, signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation with representatives of the Shenzhen branch of PICC and Shenzhen Branch of China Property Reinsurance Co., Ltd. at the event to jointly develop insurance products that meet the development needs of the robot industry, providing a strong guarantee for the steady development and global expansion of the industry.

At the “Automotive Supply Chain Application Forum” on the second day of the show, experts from well-known enterprises such as Alibaba Cainiao Group and Continental Holding China Co., Ltd. focused on industry logistics innovation, and discussed cutting-edge issues such as intelligent logistics, green supply chain and digital transformation to promote the sustainable development of the automotive supply chain.

“Supply Chain Innovation of Food &Beverage Industries Transformation Application Forum” invited many well-known enterprises such as CFB Group, SGS China, Asahi Beer, Hsu Fu Chi (Nestle) and Guangzhou Wanglao Ji to bring wonderful speeches on the development trend of food and beverage supply chain, and jointly promote the efficient, green and sustainable development of the industry supply chain.

“Materials Handling Equipment Upgrading Solutions for Machinery& Machining Companies ” cooperated with China Shenzhen Machinery Association, invited well-known enterprise executives from Guangzhou Li-Gong, Hexagon, Tianwo Shuangli, and Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co, Ltd. to jointly explore the needs of intralogistics improvement and transformation of machining enterprises, share innovative solutions, and promote the improvement of logistics efficiency and intelligence level of enterprises.

“Materials Handling Equipment Upgrading Solutions for Machinery& Machining Companies ” cooperated with China Shenzhen Machinery Association

On the third day of the show, the ” Shenzhen Robot + Application promotion Series Event -Business Logistics ” led by Shenzhen Robotics Association, Shenzhen Industry and Information Technology Bureau and Shenzhen Transportation Bureau in-depth discussed the innovative application of robot technology in the commercial logistics industry. Well-known enterprises such as Multiway Robotics, NTI, Orbbec, Lanyin Robot, and Hai Robotics shared the successful cases of robots in the fields of logistics automation, intelligent warehousing, unmanned distribution, and supply chain management at the scene. Well-known user enterprises such as JIT and BYD came to the scene to interact with the speakers and discuss the internal logistics technology problems that need to be solved jointly in the future.

Great number of associations gathered at the scene, buyers at home and abroad participated in visitor groups
During the show, LogiMAT China and Shenzhen Robotics Association, Shenzhen Machinery Association, Shenzhen Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Association, Shenzhen Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association, Shenzhen Sensor and Intelligent Instrument Industry Association, Guangdong Non-woven Fabric Association, Foshan Home Appliance Industry Association, Guangzhou Nansha District Shipping Logistics Industry Association, Foshan Shunde Xingtan Plastic Chamber of Commerce and other dozens of associations, organized professional buyers from Foxconn, BYD, Vopai Automobile, NIO Automobile, Volkswagen Automobile, Huawei, Lead Intelligence, Murata Electronics, CNOOC, SF Express, Deppon Logistics, China Resources Pharmaceutical, Sinopod Group, Swire Coca-Cola, Watsons, Carlsberg, Hitachi Elevator, Midea Electrical Appliances, Hema China, Dongsheng Cold Chain, Sportmaster, etc. Flow negotiation, immersive experience of internal logistics science cutting-edge technology products and solutions.

Group visit from Foxconn

Group visit from Russia

The next edition of LogiMAT China will return to Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian Venue) in April 2025.