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Elebia Launches Automatic Hook Control System

Barcelona, Spain-based Elebia Autohooks has launched eLINK, a central control system for its range of automatic hooks and rigging products that can be used on mobile and smart devices. eLINK is a plug-and-play concept that allows users to automate material handling processes, monitor hook status,...

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Products | 2 years ago

Elebia Subsea Hook for Subsea Lifting Applications

Underwater lifting operations are made possible with the Subsea Hook. They are designed with specific materials for marine application and an acrylic polysiloxane cosmetic finish to provide long term durability. For years Elebia Autohooks S.L.U. has been approached for a solution to the possibili...

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Products | Briefings | 3 years ago

elebia’s evo10 Marine in Water Pumping Stations

ALP Dynamics FR Corp is a company based in Panama with 12 years of experience in the Steel Industry. It specializes in the manufacture, installation and assembly of metallic structures. The company responds to needs in different sectors such as Construction, Engineering and Architecture. Water Pu...

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Briefings | 3 years ago

Elebia Autohooks S.L.U. launch website in Chinese language

After months of hard work, Elebia Autohooks S.L.U. announce to launch their website specifically aimed for the Chinese market. With the launch of www.elebia.cn, elebia fulfill their objective of expanding their international presence, and more specifically, in a constantly boiling market, with th...

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