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Application | Briefings | 2 years ago

Jian Feng Sling supplies 500T spreader beams to China’s Sinopec

Early of 2021, Jian Feng Sling Co., Ltd. supplies heavy lift solution to China’s Sinopec, for supporting the lifting application of CHANGLING 1# project. This is a national refining and chemical program, which is ran by Sinopec Changling Refining & Chemical Company. The company intends to lif...

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Briefings | 5 years ago

Jian Feng Sling provides lifting solutions to “Xin Hai Wei” ferry

A new ferry named “Xin Hai Wei” is successfully launched on 22 September. The “Xin Hai Wei” is a high-speed catamaran passenger ferry made of aluminum alloy, owned by Zhuhai High Speed Ferry Co., Ltd. and built by Ao Long Vessel Co., Ltd. Jian Feng Sling provides custom lifting solutions to “Xin ...

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Events | Interviews | 6 years ago

Jian Feng aims to maintain high quality level of products and services

At OSEA2016, we had a chance talking to Clarence Cui, General Manager of Jian Feng Sling Co., Ltd.  In response to the slow market of O&G industries, Clarence tells us, “We are going to keep the core values of Jian Feng Sling, targeting on providing our customers with good quality products, t...

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Events | 6 years ago

Jian Feng Sling: serving the Offshore O&G industry with high performance lifting and rigging solutions

Jian Feng Sling is a lifting & rigging company with more than 30 years of experience. The company offers a wide range of products such as wire rope slings, shackles and synthetic slings; and provides lifting and rigging solutions for industries such as O&G offshore, shipbuilding, construc...

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Briefings | 7 years ago

THIELE lifting products arrive at China distributor, JIAN FENG SLING

JIAN FENG SLING has announced THIELE’s lifting products, grade 80 and grade 100, have arrived its warehouse. As an authorized stocking distributor of THIELE lifting products in China, JIAN FENG SLING is able to supply German-made THIELE chains and accessories to customers now. Since 1982, J...

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Briefings | 8 years ago

Jian Feng Sling provides professional lifting solutions to SBM’s 1200T power generator module

Jian Feng recently worked with Guangzhou Salvage Bureau to provide lifting solutions for the lifting of SDM’s CDMTS-012 power generator module. The first lifting job of the module was completed successfully at Nansha’s Longxue Pier near Guangzhou. Guangzhou Salvage Bureau sent out a construction ...

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Events | 8 years ago

JIAN FENG organizes 2013 General Meeting for the China Lifting Sling Standardization Working Group

The 2013 general meeting of the China Lifting Sling Standardization Working Group was held in Guangzhou on May 9-10. The working group is formed under the China Metallurgical Standardization Committee. And the meeting was organized by Jian Feng Sling Co., Ltd, the company which holds the secretar...

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Interviews | 8 years ago

JIAN FENG, Committed to Lead China’s Lifting and Rigging Industry into Future

Jian Feng Sling Co., Ltd. started up as a small workshop 30 years ago. The company develops steadily. Nowadays, “JIAN FENG” is a well-known brand in China. Jian Feng manufactures lifting and rigging products and the products have been exported to Europe, Australia, the Americas, Japan, Southeast ...

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