Interviews | 4 years ago

“Chinese customers pay more attention to safety and quality ” — interview with Mr. Clas Malm, Sales Director of Talurit AB and Ms. Vanilla Chen, General Manager of Talurit China (Ningbo)

  We had a chance meeting Clas and Vanilla when they had a trip visiting customers in China. We conducted an interview with them in their hotel when they were in Guangzhou, to learn Talurit’s recent development in the Chinese market. LRW: How is Talurit doing in China? Vanilla Chen: We are d...

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Interviews | 4 years ago

TALURIT: “safety, reliability, quality and efficiency”

— these are the key things we want to give to our customers.  TALURIT Group specializes in providing mechanical splicing system to the lifting and rigging industry. The Group operates all over the world with a global network of subsidiaries and distributors. There are five companies in the ...

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Products | 4 years ago

TALURIT NEW products at the OSEA exhibition

TALURIT highlights AV 30 ANNEALING MACHINE, P 0130T 1P SWAGER and CC20T CHAIN CUTTER for this issue of LRW Magazine. AV 30 ANNEALING MACHINE – This machine is designed to manually adjust the elongation when twisting off the wire rope, providing the operator to form the end to desired shape....

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Events | 4 years ago

TALURIT serves the lifting and rigging industry with high-performance mechanical splicing systems

Swedish company TALURIT AB is specialized in providing patented mechanical splicing system for more than 65 years. The company has continued to be a pioneering force within the industry. TALURIT develops, manufactures, markets and maintains equipment and system solutions for mechanical splicing o...

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Products | Briefings | 4 years ago

TALURIT LKA 28-PS and 500T Swager: the slingmakers dream

TALURIT highlights LKA 28-PS and 500T Swager for this issue of LRW Magazine. These machines together, as a system solution, makes the slingmakers work a one man show. The LKA 28-PS is a fully automatic cutting machine for wire ropes with a diameter between 3/16” – 1 1/8” (5-28 mm). Hydrauli...

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Products | 5 years ago

Talurit highlights 100MT VERTICAL TEST BED

The Vertical Test Machines are used for testing slings, lifting devices and chain hoists. These machines can be built for performing both static, and dynamic tests. The static test will pull to a load. The dynamic test will not only pull to a load, but will also keep a constant load on the specim...

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Products | Briefings | 5 years ago

TALURIT product highlight: Automatic Cutting Machine LKA 28-PS

TALURIT recently made a video for their Automatic Wire Rope Cutting Machine LKA 28-PS. Please check it out on www.youtube.com and search “LKA 28-PS”. The LKA 28-PS is an automatic wire rope cutting machine with a very accurate measuring for wire ropes with a diameter of 5-28 mm. It is operator an...

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Briefings | 5 years ago

Talurit AB delivers the largest serial made hydraulic swager for the rigging industry

A milestone in the company history. The first 4200 ton swager is on its way to Japan. Talurit AB has been manufacturing swagers since the 1950s. The new swager, with a swaging capacity of 4200 ton, is the largest swager that has been manufactured by the company and is also the largest serial made...

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Briefings | 6 years ago

Talurit and Gimex to set up a joint venture in Singapore

Talurit AB and Gimex Pte Ltd has agreed to start a new joint venture together in Singapore! The purpose is to strengthen the sales and service activities in the South East Asian region. The new company is named Talurit Pte. Ltd. and will be handling all TALURIT products in the future. The company...

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Companies | 6 years ago

Talurit: The original mechanical splicing systems

Talurit – the company was established in 1948 and is based with its head office in Sweden. The company operates all over the world with a global network of subsidiaries and distributors. Talurit is specialized in providing mechanical splicing system, and has continued to be a pioneering force wit...

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