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Products | 6 years ago

TBM highlights their Corrosion Resistant Chain Block and Stainless Steel Plain Trolley

TBM’s Corrosion Resistant Chain Blocks are manufactured with high quality stainless steel. Thanks to the Dacromet® coating and composite coatings, the hoists are corrosion-resistant while the mechanical properties are maintained. These hoists are designed in such a way that corrosion resistant pr...

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Products | 7 years ago

TBM highlights their Explosion Proof Chain Hoist and Corrosion Resistant Lever Hoist

The EX series Explosion Proof Chain Hoists are specifically designed to meet electrical standards required in hazardous or classified manufacturing and processing areas. The hoists are manufactured in accordance with Chinese explosion-proof standards of GB25286.1-2010 and GB25286.5-2010, with an ...

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Products | Briefings | 7 years ago

TBM HSZ-K3 highly efficient chain block – with multiple bearings and high safety standards

K3 series chain blocks by TBM are characterized by a new external design and high lifting capacity. The main body’s strength and rigidity are enhanced by multi-channel stretching and new crimping processes, ensuring higher impact resistance and no deformation under loads. The transmission shafts ...

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Products | 9 years ago

TBM: SHH Series of Electric Chain Hoists

SHH series is the improved series of electric chain blocks made by TBM. Housings are made from aluminum instead of steel. The hoists feature overload protection to meet European Standards. Variable step-less load travelling is possible via frequency inverter. These hoists are thus suitable for ap...

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