Products | 6 months ago

Talurit Group launches portable & user friendly 22T swager

The leading manufacturer of swagers and wire rope equipment, Talurit Group, is proud to announce the launch of its new 22T hydraulic swager. This new portable model marks the latest advancement in Talurit’s expansive range of swagers and it has replaced the popular and long-serving 20T model. Dev...

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Products | 1 year ago

New premium Talurit® 800T swager released

Talurit Group have developed and manufactured swagers for over 70 years. As a pioneer in its segment, their swagers have worked on sites throughout the world gaining a sterling reputation for reliability, efficiency, and durability. Now they are launching a new 800T swager with many value-adding ...

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Companies | Briefings | 1 year ago

Talurit Group expands with subsidiary in the United States of America

Talurit Group is a well-established manufacturer of equipment and systems for mechanical splicing of wire and wire rope. Since the 40s, they have led the way forward in their field by bringing new innovations to the market and by delivering top-tier products and system solutions. This autumn they...

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Briefings | 1 year ago

Talurit Group announce new CEO

Talurit AB, the parent company in Talurit Group, announces the appointment of Victor Lindh as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective from September 1, 2022. Thommy Andersson will leave his role as CEO and continue as Business Development Director and become a member of the company’s Board of Di...

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Products | 2 years ago

The first Talurit® 400T swager showcased & delivered in the USA

Since the 40’s, Talurit Group have developed, manufactured, marketed, and maintained equipment and systems for mechanical splicing of wire and wire rope. With the customers in focus, they continue to lead the way forward with exciting new products and innovative solutions. As a leading brand, the...

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Briefings | 2 years ago

Talurit Group unveils an updated brand identity reflecting the advancements of the industry

Talurit Group is a well-established manufacturer of equipment and systems for mechanical splicing of wire and wire rope. With representation in most industrialized countries, their products and solutions are used in a wide variety of sectors around the globe. Talurit Group starts the new year by ...

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Briefings | 2 years ago

Talurit Group gears up on marketing

As a well-known name in the industry, Talurit Group develops, manufactures, markets and maintains equipment and systems for mechanical splicing of wire and wire rope under the Talurit® brand. With a new recruitment they aim to further strengthen the company’s branding strategies and improve its o...

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Products | Briefings | 5 years ago

The largest C-Type Hydraulic Swaging Machine in Europe is dispatched !

In June 2018, Wirop Industrial Co., Ltd. (Wirop) has completed the machine production of the largest C-Frame (C-Type) Hydraulic Swaging Machine in Europe market: WP-1300C-New shape.   “WP-1300C-New shape” has good looking shape, new design, and numbers of great features to meet clients’ needs whi...

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Interviews | 6 years ago

“Chinese customers pay more attention to safety and quality ” — interview with Mr. Clas Malm, Sales Director of Talurit AB and Ms. Vanilla Chen, General Manager of Talurit China (Ningbo)

We had a chance meeting Clas and Vanilla when they had a trip visiting customers in China. We conducted an interview with them in their hotel when they were in Guangzhou, to learn Talurit’s recent development in the Chinese market. LRW: How is Talurit doing in China? Vanilla Chen: We are doing qu...

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Briefings | 6 years ago

6000T Swaging Machine delivered and tested, ready for use – A new milestone in the wire rope swaging machine production

WP-6000, wire rope swaging machine in the world, built by Wirop Industrial Co., Ltd. (WIROP), has been delivered to the customer in Japan in May 2017. The WP-6000 Swaging Machine has been installed and tested in Kobe, Japan, with a max. pressure capacity of 6,112 Metric Tons (6,737 US Tons). This...

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Interviews | 7 years ago

TALURIT: “safety, reliability, quality and efficiency”

— these are the key things we want to give to our customers.  TALURIT Group specializes in providing mechanical splicing system to the lifting and rigging industry. The Group operates all over the world with a global network of subsidiaries and distributors. There are five companies in the ...

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Events | 7 years ago

WIROP: expert in wire rope processing equipment and products

Wire ropes are widely used for offshore oil and gas, machinery engineering, petrochemical, mining, aeronautics and astronautics industries. The wire ropes are usually fabricated, for example, into the form of wire rope slings, before they are used in the field. WIROP offers a complete range of wi...

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