Affected by El Niño events, Chengdu (in Sichuan Province, China) was hit by several long-lasting storms in 2016. In response, the government takes actions to strengthen the dam construction, to keep the water level at a safe level.

YOKE supplies Safe Lifting Accessories to the construction projects, including 8-838 Forged Anchor Shackles and 8-067 Eye Container Hooks. They are both in Grade 80.

8-067 Eye Container Hooks are used by alloy carbon steel. Design factor 4:1 proof tested and certified. The hooks meet ASM B30.9 requirements and can be installed in the bottom of containers very fast.


8-838 Forged Anchor Shackles are forged carbon steel with alloy pin. They are Type Approved by DNV & ABS and meet the performance requirements of Federal Specification RR-C-271D, Type 4A, Grade A, Class 3.8-838-

Size and Working Load Limit of the 8-838 Forged Anchor Shackles and 8-067 Eye Container Hooks are permanently shown on each product. Batch Codes are also marked in the surface, which can be link to Test Certificate and quality traceability. Meanwhile, both of them are 100% magnaflux crack detection during manufacturing and 20,000 cycle fatigue rated to 1.5 times Working Load Limit.

YOKE Industrial Corporation was formed in 1985, with a vision to continue to build a world-class company in the industrial safety components business. The company has strong research and development ability, innovative and uses advanced marketing strategies underpinned by the use of SAP in their IT infra-structure ensuring operational procedures are targeted to shorten lead times to achieve customer service and delivery.

All YOKE products undergo stringent quality control, in accordance with European and International norms. YOKE has achieved various recognized international quality certifications such as API, DNV, ABS, SABS, DGUV and ISO9001.