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Products | 5 months ago

Full Green Pin® Aquaculture Product Range now available

If ever durable products were required, it is probably most visible in the fishing and aquaculture industries. Equipment is constantly exposed to water, salt and different temperatures. For aquaculture cages need to be secured under water reliably for longer periods of time to safeguard large inv...

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Products | 1 year ago

New Green Pin® Mooring Bolt NS9415 T – What is below surface, must be above standard

When you invest time to grow your fish, you want your cage farming system to stay secure. Even under extreme marine conditions. Your underwater cages and mooring system need shackles, bolts and other mooring accessories that are below surface, but above standard. That is why the Green Pin® aquacu...

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Products | Briefings | 2 years ago

Green Pin® ROV Shackles & Hooks: A Complete Range

Some sea creatures are more specialized than others. More fit to the extreme conditions under water. Like the Green Pin®  subsea shackles and hooks for ROV operations. Green Pin® offers an ocean of possibilities with the range of specialized components. Designed and produced with the right subsea...

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Products | 2 years ago

The easy-to-handle Green Pin® ROV Eye Hook

The Green Pin® ROV Hook E is a grade 8 eye hook developed for release sub-sea operations with a remotely operated vehicle (ROV). Attached to the body and latch of the hook is a wire rope which can be grabbed with an ROV arm. This enables the ROV operator to easily manipulate the latch and thereby...

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Briefings | 2 years ago

Van Beest new customer portal

Van Beest B.V recently launch a completely new corporate website In additionally, a new service portal for distributors has been created. The portal allows customers to have quick access to all order information and documents, including certificates. Customers can also follow their ...

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Products | 2 years ago

New Green Pin® Sockets, flexibility and safety for steel wire rope terminations

When anchoring tubes, pipes, dredging materials, oil platforms, towing cables, bridges, roof constructions, and other heavy-duty applications, only the sturdiest, long lasting solutions will suffice. The Green Pin® socket range, made of high tensile galvanized steel, ensures long term durability,...

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Briefings | 3 years ago

Van Beest USA moves to larger office and distribution center in Houston

HOUSTON, TX, 01/Nov/2019 – Van Beest has moved to a new office and distribution center in Houston in July 2019 to support the industry leading availability, quality and introducing new products to the North American markets. “The new office and distribution center allows Van Beest to stock ...

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Products | 3 years ago

Green Pin® Locking Clamp ROV Shackle: Powerful locking system to prevent unintentional release of loads

The Green Pin® Locking Clamp ROV Shackle is perfect for release operations with a remotely operated vehicle (ROV). The grade 8 shackle has been specially developed for sub-sea applications and is easy to handle for the ROV pilot. The Green Pin® Locking Clamp ROV Shackle has a powerful locking sys...

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Briefings | 4 years ago

Green Pin Tycan® wins OTC technology award

Green Pin Tycan® – the fibre chain for lashing and lifting that has all the performance and flexibility of steel chain but is a fraction of the weight – has won the OTC Spotlight on New Technology® Award! The award ceremony was taken place during the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Housto...

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Products | 4 years ago

New sizes of Green Pin Tycan® Lifting Chain

Recently Green Pin® introduces three new sizes of Green Pin Tycan® Lifting Chain and accompanying grade 10 steel components. A choice of four sizes of lifting chain with matching fittings allows customers to manufacture a complete one-leg chain assembly with a Working Load Limit of 2.6 tons, 4 to...

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Briefings | 5 years ago

Excel® and Tycan® to integrate with Green Pin®

Van Beest Group announce to merge the brands Tycan® and Excel® into Green Pin® from April 19, 2018. As a result of this decision, the brand Excel® will be replaced by the brand Green Pin®. The brand name Tycan® will be used under the Green Pin® umbrella as the collective name for all products rel...

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Products | 6 years ago

Green Pin® introduces the Power Sling® Shackle: save up to 20% on wire rope costs

  THE NETHERLANDS – Green Pin® introduces the Green Pin Power Sling® Shackle. The Green Pin Power Sling® Shackle lets customers save up to 20% on synthetic- and wire rope costs thanks to its revolutionary design (patent pending). It has an optimal D/d ratio and the widest crown (+10%) in the...

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