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Briefings | 4 months ago

New CEO Van Beest Group

As per December 31, 2019 Cees Boer will step down as CEO of the Van Beest Group. As a shareholder, he will remain closely associated with the company. The board of directors will consist of Hendrik Kok (as CEO) and Richard Meer. Both have been members of the board since 2015. During the long peri...

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Briefings | 5 months ago

Van Beest USA moves to larger office and distribution center in Houston

HOUSTON, TX, 01/Nov/2019 – Van Beest has moved to a new office and distribution center in Houston in July 2019 to support the industry leading availability, quality and introducing new products to the North American markets. “The new office and distribution center allows Van Beest to stock ...

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Products | 7 months ago

Green Pin® Locking Clamp ROV Shackle: Powerful locking system to prevent unintentional release of loads

The Green Pin® Locking Clamp ROV Shackle is perfect for release operations with a remotely operated vehicle (ROV). The grade 8 shackle has been specially developed for sub-sea applications and is easy to handle for the ROV pilot. The Green Pin® Locking Clamp ROV Shackle has a powerful locking sys...

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Briefings | 7 months ago

Van Beest Establishes Own Subsidiary in Brazil

Van Beest is happy to announce that from September 1st the group will serve the Brazilian market with their own subsidiary: Van Beest Do Brasil, which locates in Sao Paolo, Brazil. The new subsidiary within the Van Beest Group enables them to provide better support for Green Pin® distributors wit...

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Briefings | 10 months ago

Green Pin Tycan® wins OTC technology award

Green Pin Tycan® – the fibre chain for lashing and lifting that has all the performance and flexibility of steel chain but is a fraction of the weight – has won the OTC Spotlight on New Technology® Award! The award ceremony was taken place during the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Housto...

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Products | 11 months ago

New Green Pin® Heavy Duty Master Links

The Green Pin® Heavy Duty Master link is a grade 8 master link for heavy duty applications. By using state-of-the-art forging techniques, the master links are fully forged as a single piece, without any welding whatsoever – is homogeneous and extremely strong. As a result, the master links meet t...

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Products | 12 months ago

New sizes of Green Pin Tycan® Lifting Chain

Recently Green Pin® introduces three new sizes of Green Pin Tycan® Lifting Chain and accompanying grade 10 steel components. A choice of four sizes of lifting chain with matching fittings allows customers to manufacture a complete one-leg chain assembly with a Working Load Limit of 2.6 tons, 4 to...

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Briefings | 1 year ago

Excel® integration with Green Pin®

Last year, Van Beest announced that the Excel® brand would merge into Green Pin® in order to create one big premium brand for all below-the-hook fittings. Early this year, the group announce the following: The first production batches with products with the new Green Pin® markings from the produc...

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Products | 1 year ago

Products update: Green Pin Tycan® Ratchet Loadbinder with hooks

Green Pin® introduces a grade 10 ratchet type loadbinder with hooks that is complimentary to the Green Pin Tycan® Lashing Chain. Together these components offer a complete Green Pin Tycan® lashing system. The takeup-length of the loadbinder has been designed specifically for use with Green Pin Ty...

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Interviews | 1 year ago

Van Beest: Green Pin Tycan® offers both safety and efficiency

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Products | 2 years ago

Green Pin® ROV Shackles Designed for Total Control

Total Control for the ROV Pilot and engineer Working with Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) at great depths presents a range of unique challenges. The entire range of Green Pin® ROV Shackles has been specially designed for subsea applications, offering ROV pilots and engineers maximum control duri...

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Products | 2 years ago

Product update: Green Pin® Web Sling Shackle SC

The Green Pin® Web Sling Shackle SC is the ideal shackle for lifting with synthetic round- and flat web slings. The optimal bearing surface of the shackle crown means the load on the web sling is distributed evenly. As a result, damage to the web sling is minimized and its lifespan extended. Wear...

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