Martin Halford, Managing Director of Dynamic Load Monitoring (UK) Ltd.

At last year’s OSEA show in Singapore, we made time to sit down with Martin Halford, Managing Director of Dynamic Load Monitoring (UK) Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as ‘DLM’), to learn more about their load monitoring equipment and sales network.

LRW: Please give us a brief introduction to DLM.

Martin Halford: Dynamic Load Monitoring (UK) Ltd. manufacture load cells and load monitoring equipment. Our products are mainly used in the lifting and rigging industry, and also in subsea and offshore applications. We have a range of standard products, and we also have custom designed load cells and load monitoring systems for specific applications. We produce a large variety of load pins, which are used in the offshore and subsea industries.

Singapore and Asia is quite a large and successful market for us, we have therefore teamed up with Talurit in Singapore. With an office based in the centre, they stock a large range of our standard products such as DLM tensile links. These are available with short lead times. Talurit also sell other load cells that are custom designed to meet the clients exact requirements.

We have a global presence, with distributors in Europe, Australia, India and America, who all stock our standard products in house ready to ship to the client with short lead times.

LRW: What are the capacities of DLM load cells?

Martin Halford: DLM have a wide variety of load cells and can cater for all your requirments. Our standard products range from 1t – 500t. We have recently shipped a 500t shackle load cell to our distributors in Norway and our biggest load cell is a 2000t load pin.

Many of our load cells are designed for specific usages, including compressive load cells, lifting load cells, tension load cells and load monitoring equipment for cable tension measuring and attachments.

LRW: What kind of services do DLM provide for customers?

Martin Halford: We offer on-site engineering service for the offshore industry. For example, the installation and commissioning of all DLM systems and equipment. And we also offer annual calibration services if needed.

LRW: Compared to the competitor, what do you think are the advantages of DLM load cells?

Martin Halford: I think it is the flexibility we offer through custom designs and services. We are quite happy to supply custom designed load cells to customers for specific applications. Moreover, we sell quite a large range of standard products to meet customers’ needs. Through our worldwide distribution network, we can ship our load cells to different locations and for different industries.