Talurit – the company was established in 1948 and is based with its head office in Sweden. The company operates all over the world with a global network of subsidiaries and distributors.

Talurit is specialized in providing mechanical splicing system, and has continued to be a pioneering force within this industry, developing effective methods and equipment. Talurit products are Swedish made and all products are tested carefully. Over more than 65 year’s development, the brand name TALURIT is known as the best quality within the industry.

Business Idea

Talurit Group develops, manufactures, markets, and maintains equipment and systems with the highest quality for mechanical splicing of wire and wire rope for wire- and wire rope fabricators worldwide. Through their high standards of efficiency, safety, reliability, and quality, the company create added value for their customers.

The product portfolio includes for example swagers (ranging from 20T up to 4200T), press dies and ferrules. As a system supplier, Talurit is also providing cutting machines, annealing machines, coiling/reeling machines and Test beds. Test beds are supplied in cooperation with their American partner Chant Engineering.

Talurit’s New Product Offerings

New machines to be introduced are:


500T 2S Swager

New 500T Swager

Talurit’s most compact Swager in this capacity range. Pillar guides and an oil cooler is included as standard. It is designed for a convenient long-hour swaging operation suitable for Flemish Eye as well as for turnback and swaged terminals.

Thanks to a low sound environment, it makes this machine an operator friendly working station. The foot pedal control allows the operator to use both hands and concentrate on the swaging procedure.


600T 1S Swager

New 600T 1 pillar

Talurit’s user-friendly, high quality and efficient Swager for turnback and Flemish Eye swaging.

The open construction offers an easy access to the swaging procedure when having space consuming swage objects. The swaging procedure can be done with a two hand operation when using the electrical foot pedal.

New 4200T Swager

Talurit’s large swagers are designed to handle the largest wire rope. With optional equipment like rigging device to form the eye and lifting yoke to change dies, a single operator can manage the whole operation! Despite their size the noise level of these machines is only 74 dB (A). The Swager body is manufactured from one single block construction that ensures strength, long service life and a minimum of maintenance. All swagers are thoroughly test run and are supplied with a full tank of oil.

The machine is equipped with a powerful two-stage hydraulic unit controlled by solenoid valves. Operation is extremely easy since an electrical foot pedal permits the operator to use both hands when swaging. In addition to the normal up/down function, the foot pedal has a “hold” position to facilitate rope/eye adjustment and to make tool set-up quicker. To optimize and quality secure the operation, the maximum swage load can be pre-set with automatic return of the piston. The start position, (opening between the press dies) is adjustable. All these features save time and unnecessary movements for the operator. When left un-used the resource saving automatic shut down will turn off the machine, but is easy to start again by pressing down the foot pedal.

Soft starter is standard for these large machines. With insert die holders, even smaller dies can be used. To compensate the weight of a smaller lower die, the valve house can be adjusted to prevent the piston from drifting.


LKA 28-PS Cutting Machine

New LKA 28-PS

This is designed to cut larger diameter wire rope. Feeding speed is 0-400mm/ sec and the standard guiding tube length is 3 m. Optional tube sections of 3 m each can be added.

The accuracy of the cut is ± 1 % of measured length. Capacity of ordinary single layer round strand rope grade 1 960: LKA 28-PS: Ø 5-28 mm wire rope.

Press Dies

Press Dies with a special Swedish steel, extremely pure and specially designed for this swaging application to avoid risks for the operator in order to fit American safety thinking. We develop and produce all types of press dies in a wide range of block sizes even for different brands of swaging machines.

Carbon steel turnback solution

Talurit has also introduced a carbon steel turnback solution for larger sizes which seems to be a very intelligent and time saving solution compared to traditional Flemish eye swaging.

Complete services to allow customers peace of mind

Talurit offers a formalized quality system. Technical details and support for their machines are available at least 30 years from the date of purchase. The mechanical splicing systems are 100% reliable and comply with all known requirements and standards. All products are identifiable and fully traceable against material certificates.

The total reliability Talurit offers forms a natural basis for cooperation and is an instrument to achieve customers quality and business requirements. A number of different service activities are available from Talurit’s service engineers around the world.

Talurit has approvals from LLOYD’S, GERMANISHER LLOYD, BUREAU VERITAS, DET NORSKE VERITAS etc. and certification is available if required. As an added safeguard for their systems they have a product liability insurance of SEK 20,000,000 and a recall-action insurance from the Insurance Company If which protects the customers from third party actions related to product defects.

Talurit’s parent company is based in Gothenburg, Sweden with subsidiaries near Singen in southern Germany and in Barnsley, United Kingdom. They also have a sales office in Ningbo, China.

All the machines and equipment are manufactured in Sweden. Talurit sells their products throughout the world and have representation in most industrialized countries. Stock of standard products are strategic situated around the world to cut lead times and to improve efficiency.

Talurit is looking forward to be in contact with your company and discuss and solve your specific needs.

This article is published on LRW Magazine vol20, 2015.