Since 1985, the professional manufacturer of industrial safe lifting accessories and fall arrest equipment accessories, YOKE Industrial Corp, has been known for its research, development and innovation. In 1996, the enhanced production capacity and advanced design capability made the brand YOKE well-acknowledged by the world.

From a trading company with virtual production, YOKE Industrial Corp has transformed itself into an own-brand enterprise which has high level of R&D and production capability, with branch offices in Canada, China, India, Korea, Malaysia, the USA and the UAE. With the implementation of YOKE’s strategy of “supplying high-quality products at lower prices and fast-out fast-in product turnover”, the company is on the path to a brighter future.

台湾总部办公楼Company at a glance

YOKE Industrial Corp was established in 1985, and grew considerably over the years to become one of the top three safe lifting accessories and fall protection accessories manufacturers in the world. YOKE’s well-known products include alloy steel hooks, links, shackles, hardware for fall protection safety harnesses, and wire rope accessories.

When YOKE was a start-up company founded by Steven Hong in 1985, the company was small with only Hong’s wife and a few employees. Now YOKE consists of 230 people, the YOKE brand has become world famous and there are more than 70 distribution points founded all over the world. The quality and technical expertise of YOKE are well trusted by partners and users alike.

Transformation of the company in four stages

YOKE went through four different stages as the company developed, from Trading Company, Virtual Factory, Product Development and Manufacturing, to Brand Marketing. The financial crisis in 2008 affected YOKE’s sales dramatically, in order to raise losing market share, YOKE implemented a strategy focusing on mainstream market from niche market through a series of changing activities, and paid more attention on price, quality, and turnover speed.

Trading company [market develop] (1985~1990)

1985.07   Founding of YOKE Industrial Corp.

1985.09   Specialist trading for chains and wire rope accessories.

Virtual factory [demand for quality] (1990~1996)

1996.08   In response to the Taiwanese government’s policy of rooting industries in Taiwan, YOKE not only procured a parcel of land at Road 34 of the Taichung Industrial Park to set up the company’s factory, but also actively promoted industrial upgrade by expanding the company’s manufacturing technology and quality, as well as reinforcing R&D and design. The company took a further step to create the YOKE brand for global marketing.

Product development and manufacturing [technology upgrade, development of distribution channels, brand value] (1997~2006)

2001.08   After successfully initiating the first CNC system into the company’s forged workpiece cutting process, the company successively brought in 23 units of CNC machines.

2003.02   YOKE initiated the project for the ERP Corporate Resource Management system, which is a financial oriented system set to achieve management goals and upgrade operational efficiency. This system is expected to be fully launched online in January 2004.

2005.10   The subsidiary in Brazil, YOKE Do Brasil, was founded. Mr. Nelson De Faria was named the COO for the local operations.

2006.10   YOKE invested NT$250 million for initiation of the automated warehouse and logistics management system. Construction of the facilities commenced in January 2007 and was completed in October 2007.

2006.10   The YOKE China website was set up simultaneously with the marketing, warehousing, and logistics centers in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, and Tianjin.

Brand marketing 2007present

2007.07   To facilitate global positioning, strategy management, and global integration, the company teamed up with SAP to initiate the SAP R/3 ERP corporate resource management system into YOKE’s operation.

2008.01   To consolidate product R&D data management, YOKE began to initiate the PLM system starting from July 2007. The first phase of the PLM system was successfully launched online in January 2008.

2008.05   Preparation for the SAP HCM (human capital management) system project began in November 2007. The HCM system (organizational management, human resource management, attendance management, and reward management) was launched online in May 2008.

2009.12   Groundbreaking ceremony for the YOKE Industrial Corp General Management and Automated Warehouse Assembly Lines. This assembly line will take YOKE into a new direction of supplying high-quality products at lower prices and fast-out fast-in product turnover.

2010.04   To achieve high safety standards products and better customer services, YOKE successively launched the QM and CRM systems online in April 2010. These subsystems are targeted to simplify the operational procedures and shorten the time needed to achieve customer service and delivery.

2011.08   YOKE successfully initiated the SAP HANA, Mobility, BO, BPM, and ASRS Auto Warehouse System into its operations.

2013.02   YOKE products are approved by National Petroleum Construction Company of the United Arab Emirates.

个人防坠器应用实例YOKE safe lifting accessories and fall protection equipment and accessories

YOKE is one of the top three companies in the world manufacturing safe lifting accessories and fall protection equipment and accessories. Automatic warehousing system was built in 2010 to further improve manufacturing competency and efficiency.

Safe lifting accessories

YOKE offers a complete range of safe lifting accessories for many different applications. Products include Wire Rope Socket & Sleeves; Shackles; ROV Hooks & Shackles; Hoist Rings & Lifting Points; Angular Contact Bearing Swivels; Hoist Hooks; Snatch Blocks & Hay Fork Pulleys; Grade 80 Lifting Chain & Fittings; and Grade 100 Lifting Chain Fittings.

Products are widely used for different lifting tasks in ports, offshore, construction, logistics, and mining industries. YOKE’s wide range of lifting components enables the user to select the right components and assemblies to complete different lifting tasks in a proper and safe way.

Fall protection equipment and accessories

YOKE manufactures a wide range of safety components for fall protection. The products include Snap Hooks, D Rings, Buckles, Adjusters, Aluminum/Stainless Steel components, Steel/Aluminum Carabiners, and Rope Grabs.

Strict quality control, innovative R&D

“Top quality products are the result of advanced production methods, strict quality control and long term commitment in innovative R&D.” At YOKE, corporate sustainable management is emphasized, and all the members at YOKE share the view that “only perfect quality products would bring us a safe work environment.”

Quality and safety

For over 28 years, quality and safety have been the one big commitment of YOKE Industrial Corp. Other than ISO 9001 and Chinese National Laboratory Accreditation (CNLA), the company obtained international product type approvals such as BG-PRÜFZERT of Germany, ABS of the USA, DNV of Norway, SABS of South Africa, CSA of Canada and ARAMCO of Saudi Arabia.

YOKE operates a consistent production facility with quality control at every manufacturing stage. From raw materials to the completed products, YOKE put consistent efforts to ensure product quality and safety. In the manufacturing processes, YOKE is equipped with CNC (Computer numerical control) machines, to meet the highest precision standards. Moreover, YOKE invests in building its own test laboratory for quality control of products. The test laboratory is accredited by CNLA.

R&D and Innovation

Over the years, YOKE has built a reputation of maintaining an innovative R&D program. YOKE’s R&D team comprises seven engineers. After discussion with Steven Hong on the initial product development plan, the team goes ahead with computer design and computer simulation of the metal structure on structural strength and tensile strength. When it gets passed the prototype is made and it goes through different testing procedures. It takes more than six months, and often up to two years for a new product to get launched in the market.

To enhance YOKE’s innovation capabilities, Steven Hong brought in an advanced Knowledge Management System. The aim is to allow personal know-how to be transferred and shared on the level of organization. YOKE worked with Taiwan University and Feng Chia University, to build a database of parameters for different metal components. The availability of past data much simplifies the work and time requirement for new product development.

To compete well in the international market, YOKE’s product development program is heading towards a wider product range, products that are multi-functional, and products made up of shared modular parts. This would bring more value to the users while YOKE could maintain its competitive advantage.

Operating globally — SAP

YOKE has a clear purpose for implementing the SAP system, to allow for the realization of YOKE’s strategy of “supplying high-quality products at lower prices and fast-out fast-in product turnover”. The idea is to manufacture products meeting all safety requirements and while maintaining highly competitive prices. With this strategy, profit margin can be met by increasing volume. “Fast-out” is achieved by improving efficiency of sales and marketing in order to boost sales volume, while “fast-in” targets the efficiency of production and supply chain. The operation, management and finance parts of the company operate around these central ideas.

SAP brings in changes more than just providing real-time, accurate data for YOKE. The improvements in workflow, organization structure, mentality and corporate identity are among the many benefits of the system. The SAP system could help YOKE achieve effective management in its global operation, thus ensuring the company’s further growth and competitive advantage.

Awards and achievements

2002.09             The 9th SME Innovative Research Award

2002.10           The 5th Rising Star Award by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C.

2002.11      2002 Innovative SME Award

2003.01     First Annual Taiwan Golden Root Awards by the Taiwan Industrial Technology Association

2003.11      Innovation and Research Award by Taichung City Industrial Association

2005       Superior Brands Award by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C.

2007.12      The 30th Model of Entrepreneurs Award

2008.10    The 17th National Award of Outstanding SMEs

2008.12      Steven Hong, Chairman, receives 2009 MVP Manager Award

2011.06   Steven Hong, Chairman, receives the 17th Outstanding General Manager Award by the Chinese Professional Management Association of Tai Chung

2011.10    Runner-up of public area adoption and greening in all national industrial parks

2011.11      The LOHAS Workplace Award by Taichung City Government

2011.11       AABI Torch Award for Internationalization by the Asian Association of Business Incubation


This article is published on LRW Magazine vol12, 2013.